Sizing Information


You can sort through items by your desired size category and see specific measurements in the description of each item.
If you don't know your measurements, there are a couple ways you can find them. Get an item of clothing from your closet that you love the fit of, lay it flat and measure the same areas we have outlined here. Alternatively, ask a Bud to help you take measurements on your body. We recommend measuring Duds rather than Buds because your clothing measurements will better reflect how the Duds will fit.

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All measurements in the description are taken by laying the item flat on the floor with all zippers or buttons done up.


Chest: Taken across the front of the garment from armpit to armpit. 

Length: Taken across the front of the garment from the top shoulder seam to bottom hem of the shirt. 

Sleeve: Taken from shoulder seam to the bottom cuff of the sleeve.



Waist: Taken from one side of the waist band to the other, laying flat. If there is not waist band (i.e. dresses, overalls, jumpsuits etc.), this measurement is taken from the smallest middle portion of the garment.

Hips: Taken across the garment in line with the bottom of the rise (crotch). If there is no "rise" (i.e. dresses, skirts), the hip measurement will be taken at the widest portion usually around 7" below the waist.

Rise: Taken from the centre of the crotch where all seams meet, to the top of the waist.

Length: Taken from the side seam of the garment, from the top of the waist band to the bottom hem.


 Anything outside these categories will have specific measurements in the description and as always, if you have questions let us know!

Shopping from a selection of one-of-a-kind pieces makes it a bit tricky to allot size categories. "Medium"? What does that mean?? What the tag says cannot always be trusted.

For now, we decided it is most accurate to provide general measurements of the clothing items themselves. All measurements are taken from standard areas on the clothing so you can measure your own wardrobe or body and decide if these are the Duds for your Bud!