Hello, welcome to the garden!

We are so excited to continuously share this creative endeavor with you. For those who are new, Buds Duds Apparel is an accessible clothing and apparel shop for all your unique style dreams. Our items are carefully sourced to curate collections of second hand items. There are a number of ways we can help you add to your thrifty style including customization and style boxes designed just for you!

In true thrift style, we reuse, repurpose, and upcycle apparel and packaging for unique and quality pieces that you can customize yourself! As always, we are open to collaborating and creating together so get in touch with us!

Your Buds at Buds Duds Apparel know that shopping can be daunting, discouraging, draining, and dysphoric and we want to help change that! By keeping our pricing affordable and providing a collection of constantly updated "Bargain Buds" we hope to ensure that boundaries to your expression are non-existent. We collect, curate, clean, repair, style, package and deliver duds right to you so you can enjoy sustainable fashion without the hassle of sifting and thrifting! We hope to see a garden full of happiness, fun, sustainability, and fire fits! You can make this all possible by keeping an eye on our shop and blog here or on Instagram @budsduds.store for updates.

We want to create a shopping environment that is safe and accessible to all. Buds Duds Apparel does not tolerate bullying of any kind. Your Buds are actively supporting and promoting inclusivity and accessibility. All images on this site and our Instagram have Alt-Text and we provide accurate descriptions for each item. We sort clothing into categories on an article-by-article basis because clothing has no gender or "fit" so we size by measurements of the item rather than gendered or numeral sizing.

We believe your comfort and confidence are the most important factors when it comes to your Duds. It is fun to experiment and express with your wardrobe and we love seeing all the Buds in our garden flourish. We offer personal shopping and Buddy Boxes so if you don't see anything for you listed, we'll go find it. If you're not seeing a certain style, fit, size, etc. please contact us here

Thanks for all the blooming love!