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More coming soon!

Like many in our community, Amanda and I have shared many struggles since the beginning of the shut-down due to Covid-19. The dream that we have for Buds Duds is closer everyday but it is still far away! Having this space is another "first step" towards a larger picture and complete idea for Buds Duds Apparel. This site will free up more time for custom art, community collaboration, and to take care of the personal things we have been putting off to get by. 

It may feel there is more to read on our site than Duds to buy but we think it's really important to create a transparent space for us to connect. The main thing we hope to communicate (and can finally get going with) is that we are not simply trying to grow a "reselling" business. We want Buds Duds Apparel to be a safe space of expression and a place where we can find local art, discuss the issues related to us, share our designs, and offer accessible and sustainable ways to have fun in fashion. We will update our Blog and stock every month and of course make more reels on Instagram. This has been so much fun for us and we are really excited to have come this far already!

Thank you for being our Buds along the way!



a.k.a Big Bud

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