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Hey Buds!

Big Bud coming at you this slushy, snowy, Edmonton afternoon. It's been over a week since our last blog and it looks like we will be working toward a monthly update rather than weekly. We are Duds-ing as fast as we can and working through a lot of burnout from work and personal health. A lot goes on in a day and the internet can be very overwhelming! We hope you're all doing well and have access to your needs, reach out to a friend or family member if you need help. In the past we have used this resource called Mental Health Copilots which connects you with mental health professionals based on your needs, experience, and preferences check out the link below!


Our last shop update was super fun and it’s the first photoset with this backdrop! We’re continuously working hard to provide better service for you and we are working on our brand to make custom clothing and apparel! Stay tuned for the summer when we announce some of the fun projects we’re working on.  If you haven't checked it out, I designed and created our new logo so that Amanda could continue working through our social media with a more authentic identity! Thank you so much to everyone who reached out and let us know that you like it, we really appreciate feedback and every message from the garden makes us so happy.

One thing which has been brought up is our modeling and how we can better showcase the items in our shop. We are aware that sizing accuracy is a large part of clothes shopping which is why we include accurate measurements of all the items in our online shop to remove subjective sizing. One of the ways we showcase our items is by including photos of them on a body because clothes are best when they’re worn! Obviously we want to sell Apparel for All. By including images of clothes on us, we can show the shape, material, and movement of the garment more accurately even if the item doesn’t fit us perfectly. We will continue to model most of the Duds ourselves because with Covid-19 restrictions still in place and unpredictable weather (OKAY MAY SNOW, WE SEE YOU) we simply can’t plan for continuous model shoots to showcase each item on a body that fits them.

Since Buds Duds Apparel began in spring of 2020, Amanda and I only have access to those in our bubble which for the most part includes just the two of us and our partners (special shoutout to them for being down to model when we ask). When it comes to photographing clothes, you can probably tell we've been experimenting with ways to accurately capture Duds of all kinds. Our dream is to have friends and community members in clothes that fit them so that people can see accurate sizing and we can have fun styling clothes and shooting together! We are the creators, but Buds Duds is bigger than us. This has been made difficult for many reasons including lack of resources, multiple lockdowns, freezing temperatures until recently, and a big learning curve!

The lack of resources plays a huge role when we plan a photo shoot with other models because one of the resources we lack is disposable income. We want to fairly compensate people for their time and work and we're still not a place where we can do so; however, that place is not near. We are now calling Buds in the garden to model with us in exchange for a custom tee  or tote hand-embroidered by Lil Bud OR a credit to our shop. This is not ideal but it is the best we can do for now in an effort to better represent our garden, get some new faces on our site, and to show accurate image of our clothing and community alike.

If you're interested in modeling with us check out this link to a Google application form! No experience is necessary and we encourage anyone who is remotely interested to apply! We will be doing multiple small photoshoots outside to include no more than 5 people (including Amanda and I). We will update this system as we can and are we're excited for our first shoot!

In the meantime, we don't only want to sell clothes that fit us so we will continue to model the majority of the items in our shop. The reason we model the clothes this way is to give you a better idea of what they looks like on a body even if the clothes don't fit me or Amanda. We want to show how the material / proportions look on a body by using us as simple reference points. We will always include measurements of the items no matter what the photos look like. You can find the measuring tool on our site as well as our measuring video on our Instagram. We will never list anything as “oversized” – that does not exist! If something is simply too large or not the correct size for the models in our bubble, our aim is to show clothing as it is not how it fits because it will fit every body differently.

Thank you to everyone who contacted us with suggestions and support we really appreciate feedback and working with you to find solutions for better second-hand shopping experience.

Our next shop update is coming June 5! As always, happy thrifting and we wish you all a peaceful happy spring!

Your Bud,


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