Buds With a Blog

What's up Buds,

Welcome to the Blog!

This is where we will be keeping you up to speed on all our Buds Duds-ing. This part will be pretty informal and conversational so leave us some comments and questions! We will be using our blog to introduce ourselves, our new collections, and featured makers, retailers and artists! Both of us want to have a space to hold conversations about the things we are doing and the things going on in our local and global communities. 

Stay tuned for thrift tips, sewing hacks, anti-establishment rants, and basically anything else we feel like writing. When I figure out how you can subscribe, I'll let you know... But we will be using our Instagram to share new posts for now. Using this platform is new to both of us so thank you for being here.

We've put a lot of work into Buds Duds in the last year and we can't wait for what's in (online) store for us! 

Lot of love,

Your Buds, Olivia and Amanda


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